Syntactic Tree is a designing program that allows you to draw and export tree diagrams with ease. It has been developed in Java platform so that it can be run in any computer that supports Java Virtual Machine. Besides the portability, the entire program is free of charge and its source code is available to public domain under GPL license.

This website hosts a complete documentation and many tutorial lessons to teach you how to use all the functions the program presents. On the download section you will find information on how to install Syntactic Tree in your machine. Wondering if it is worthy the try? Look the screenshots and some tutorial pages and find out how easy and practical the program is.

This is a program in continuing development. You may help it by sending suggestions and bug reports. Please report to the contact page.

10/04/2008 First version binary file and source code uploaded. Tutorial, download and contact sections added in the webpage.
10/03/2008 Website prototype launched

Copyright(C) 2008 by Daniel Donadon